Shady Business | Frame Shapes For Your Face

04.08.2015 + Upper Canada Mall + No Comments

With the warm weather in full swing getting dressed in the morning is a breeze, but you’re never fully dressed without a pair of great shades! While protecting your eyes from the pesky sun is priority number 1, you might as well look good doing it.

Different activities call for different types of sunnies. We mean, you wouldn’t just wear one pair of shoes all the time? We have the frame shapes that best suit your face, so take note and stock up, that squinty-eyed look is best left to supermodels.


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18.07.2014 + Upper Canada Mall + No Comments

Sunglasses are a year-round staple, but when the weather warms up we’re inspired to pick a new pair. We spoke to the fashionistas at Sunglass Hut at Upper Canada Mall; they gave us the inside scoop on rocking your sunnies:

If you’re still loving your oversized shades don’t fret, this trend is here to stay!
Retro round frames: John Lennon wore them best, but these 70’s inspired sunglasses are fitting for a music festival weekend.
We are happy to report that you still can’t go wrong with a classic aviator!
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