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Great skin starts from within, sure, but have you tried drinking 8 glasses of water a day and actually making it past 3? While we truly believe eating and drinking better does improve your skin’s elasticity, glow and texture, having a great skincare routine can add the extra boost you need to go makeup-less in the city!

So have you been taking care of your skin properly? We were pretty stumped when we spoke to the Skincare Experts at Sephora and The Body Shop about what it takes to get – and maintain – great skin all year-round. While we all … Read More »

Summer Scent Guide | How to Wear It

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Perfumes, like any accessory, are something you can never have just one of. Changing your scent according to seasons is just a necessary – we mean, do you really want to smell citrusy in the middle of winter? Didn’t think so. Whether you like floral, fruity or the ocean breeze, these fragrances conjure up sunny summer days, fresh warm mornings and breezy beach days. We’ve included everything you need to know in our summer scent guide!

Where to Wear


Before heading off to choose your new scent, get fluent in scent-speak. Here is a quick breakdown, according to Design Mom, of things … Read More »

4 Tips for Perfecting the Nude Lip

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A nude lip is a look we are obsessed with! This look is the essence of natural glamour; understated, chic and feminine. We’ve seen celebs flawlessly achieve the nude lip and we believe you can too. While we can’t equip you with a makeup entourage…we can provide you with four simple tips to get you on your way to achieving celeb nude lip status.

Exfoliate! Use a lip scrub to soften up your lips. You want to start with a smooth base to prevent your lipstick from flaking…this step is crucial for getting perfectly kissable lips.
Prime. Once you’ve softened your lips, it’s time to … Read More »

The 3 Rules of Nude Nail Polish

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You’re going on a date tonight. Being the fashionista you are, you picked out your ensemble months ago. You’ve decided on a delicate black circle skirt that falls flawlessly just above your knee (totally first-date appropriate). You splurged on a gorgeous blush pink blouse, which you’ve tucked seamlessly into your skirt. You’ve opted for black stilettos with an ankle strap and an oversized floral statement necklace. Your outfit is stunning…to say the least. But, as you take one final look in the mirror you notice your nails. While your outfit is nothing short of perfection…your nails could really use some … Read More »

Locker Beauty Essentials

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Although many of us wish it did…summer won’t last forever. And with August coming to an end…back to school is creeping up on us. In fact, our back to school contest is running right now! You and a friend could each win a $150 Upper Canada Mall gift card. Check out our instagram page for contest details @UpperCanadaMall

Heading back to school can be stressful, but nothing  compares to the utter panic you feel when you realize that gym class is scheduled right in the middle of the day! Nothing quite ruins your look like running around in gym class. But, don’t … Read More »

Beat the Uniform Blues

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Depending on how you look at it, wearing a school uniform can be a total bummer or it can actually be better than expected. Not having to pick out your outfit in the morning is a huge time saver, but it also usually means you grow tired of wearing the same thing every day!
Combatting the uniform blues requires some creativity to take your look to the next level. All we have to say is accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! And for those of you who aren’t required to wear a uniform, we still recommend accessorizing your school ensembles!
Here’s our list of top accessories … Read More »