5 Ways to Have the Best New Year | #2017Goals

02.01.2017 + Upper Canada Mall + No Comments

New year, new you! Not. We think you’re perfect the way you are, BUT, you can be a work in progress and that’s just – well – perfect. We don’t like making new year resolutions on January 1st and give them up on the 31st. Instead, we’d rather figure out how to be better, pursue our dreams, manage a household, be the best parent/spouse/child, and, make this chapter of the new year worthwhile and memorable.

We think these 5 life hacks will bring on a more balanced, connected and prosperous new year ahead:

Get organized

Decluttering can be a therapeutic process because as … Read More »

9 Ways to Enhance Your Life in the New Year

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It’s the beginning of something special! Starting a new year is like opening a fresh book and going on a journey that is 366 days long. Resolutions come and go, but we don’t think you have to achieve the impossible or strive for the unattainable. Instead of focusing on changing just about everything in your life, we think it is more important to take on challenges that will enhance your everyday living and being.


We hope you resolve to make positive changes that will help you grow, inspire and lead the type of life that brings you joy, peace of mind … Read More »