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The colour is neutral but the statement is anything but. Nude happens to be just as flattering and versatile as black, enriching the options of your wardrobe. Here’s a list of 5 neutral nude pieces you need in your closet now!

The Flats:
A nude flat is the perfect compliment to any outfit. Not to mention you’ll be comfortable all day long, without sacrificing style.
The Heels:
Nude heels take your look from fun to fabulous! Plus, they make … Read More »

From Backyard Barbecue to Summertime Soirée

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Congratulations to our Upper Canada Mall gift card winner, Laura!
This is the season of the skirt. Our motto, if you love it, buy it – we’ll make sure you rock it! From dressing it up to dressing it down, Upper Canada Malls gorgeous retailers have you covered.

We have all been in a store staring wistfully at a piece of clothing, loving it, wanting it, but then thinking

 Where will I wear this?
Will I get enough wear out of this?
What do I wear with this?

Been there, done that! We completely understand the dilemma, but we can help! Wherever you are headed, from … Read More »

Transitioning Into Spring

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Winter seems determined to hang on but I promise the warm weather is on its way! While we’re patiently waiting for those warm sunny days to get here we can certainly allow ourselves a few moments to daydream about Spring and all the wonderful things it will bring with it. I personally can’t wait to trade in my winter coat, cozy sweaters and fuzzy socks for something a little lighter. For me Spring is all about seeing the world in a fresh way and of course finding ways to allow that freshness to reflect in my wardrobe.

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