Spring Scents from Saje

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Spring is the season of recharging, renewal and regrowth, and it’s finally here! The season of dark, cold days are over, and we can feel the warmer sunny weather creeping around the corner.

The season is all about the senses – the smell of blooming flowers, the sound of birds chirping and the bright sunny days – but we can’t forget the runny noses and itchy eyes that come with dreaded allergy season. Thanks to Saje and their 100% natural oil blends we are all set for the new season!

Enlighten your senses with your favourite spring scents that not only freshen up your home but soothe the pesky side effects of allergy season.

1. LIQUID SUNSHINE – Uplifting. Citrus. Fresh.
Bring the smell of a fresh spring morning indoors with this citrus paradise. The blend of grapefruit, lime and a dash of bergamot will leave you enlightened, invigorated and ready to take on the day. Its no wonder Liquid Sunshine is one of Saje’s top-selling blends!


liquid sunshine










2. BLOOM – Floral. Soothing. Fresh.
Turn any room into a beautiful flower garden with Saje’s Bloom blend. You will instantly feel inspired and ready to take on the day with the perfect combination of rosewood, ylang ylang and geranium. The sweet and soothing notes keep us refreshed, while the earthy base leaves you feeling balanced.











3. ALLERGY RELEASE – Reviving. Comforting. Fortifying.
Breathe and feel better with Saje’s Allergy Release. Ease your allergy symptoms and breathe deep with this fortifying and comforting blend. The uplifting lemon and peppermint relives cold and flu-like symptoms, while hints of myrrh keeps you grounded.

allergy release










4. UNWIND – Relaxing. Uplifting. Warm.
Unwind is the perfect blend to slow things down after a long day of spring-cleaning. While the lavender base relaxes the mind, hints of citrus and a floral middle note brighten the mood and balance the sense for a good night’s sleep.












5. AROMA FAIRY – Gentle. Calming. Comforting
We can’t forget about the little ones! Saje’s child-friendly Aroma Fairy is the perfect blend to calm your kids before bed. The Aroma Fairy infuses their room with sweet and relaxing hints of orange that is balanced by the fresh, herbal aroma of marjoram. A blissful sleep for the kids is a blissful sleep for you!


aroma fairy





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