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The first thing you notice about Mel from Mel Inspired is her energy and Crest-commercial smile when she walks in the room. It’s open, inviting and unabashedly friendly, just like the stunning former blue jumpsuit

This month’s Gorgeous Magazine theme focuses on jumpsuits – the one piece wonder. We had the pleasure of having Mel come in for a day of shopping at Upper Canada Mall and give us a little insight into what influences her style, inspires her in life and, obviously, what she can’t leave the house without. She blew us away with her bubbly personality and hit the mark in styling 2 jumpsuit looks – one for day and one for night. Both were glam, stylish and easy-to-wear!

walking shawl floral half black pump slide


Having developed, bought and sold her first blog at 17 and pursued a whirlwind career as a runway model, it’s hardly surprising that she thrives on creativity and innovation. Her blog is a place for inspiration and isn’t your typical style blog, she uses her space on the Internet to motivate through fashion and she kills it. Whether she’s dressed down, dressed up or eating on the run – Mel Inspired gives insight into how to live an inspired life. Read our Q&A and watch the Get Gorgeous Sessions interview below!

red dress 


UC: What inspires your style?

MH: I think that life moments are what really inspire my style, and anything that I really do. I’m inspired by things that have happened and how I feel. Style should always be dynamic and ever-changing.

UC: What 3 items are you carrying in your purse right now, that you never leave the house without?

MH: Three items… hmm, there’s a lot in my purse. But if I had to choose three, it would definitely be my phone because I love staying connected with my audience. I’m addicted. Buxom Plumping Lip gloss, which you can get at Sephora, just because having a nice lip gloss brings more attention back to your face when you’re talking to people. Next thing would be my business cards, who doesn’t like connecting with new people?

UC: What makes you feel gorgeous?

MH: I think feeling gorgeous is really based on how you feel on the inside. As cliché as it sounds, cause I’m a big cheese ball, it’s really about being confident about who you are and how you’re coming across to everybody. You could be wearing sweat pants or a jumpsuit, you could be wearing a full face of makeup or no makeup at all, but if you’re feeling confident on the inside that’s really what’s going to make you feel gorgeous. That’s sort of my philosophy on it.


You can watch the complete video here.

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