Get Gorgeous Sessions: Jackie Goldhar of Something About That

19.06.2015 + Upper Canada Mall + No Comments

In this month’s Get Gorgeous Sessions, we invited fashion blogger Jackie Goldhar, founder of Something About That, to shop and chat about this month’s Gorgeous theme, accessories!

We love Jackie’s trendy style and how she creatively accessorizes all her #ootd. Whether she is wearing palazzo pants, a classic striped dress or pretty florals, the look is instantly amped up by adding necklaces (she can’t go without them!), bracelets, purses, and hats.

We got to know a little more about Jackie throughout the day and in her element as we went shopping at some of her favourite stores Banana Republic, Hudson’s Bay, Sunglass Hut, Lululemon, M for Mendocino and more! With school, blogging and always looking on-point, we wanted to know more about her personal style and what inspires her.

Keeping in line with this month’s theme, we put Jackie to task and she enthusiastically accepted the challenge: how do we accessorize to elevate, or vary the style of, a look? We were blown away as she took a simple chambray dress and created not 1, not 2, but 3 different looks using heaps of this season’s most coveted jewelry, shoes, purses, sunglasses and hats! You can watch the latest video on our YouTube channel.

Our marketing director, Jennifer Kleinberg, sat down for an exclusive interview with Jackie and got the lowdown on everything from what’s in her purse, can’t-live-without items and what makes her feel gorgeous!

JK: What is your go-to accessory or accessories, maybe there’s a couple that you want to share?
JG: I’m bad at making decisions, so I’m gonna pick 2 accessories because they kind of go hand-in-hand with the same idea. I think it’s most important to have something around your neck, so that could be a scarf or necklace, and in my case, necklaces. It’s what you see when you’re talking to someone and what you’ve got around your neck frames your face and I feel like that’s a good foundation for an outfit.
JK: That’s awesome!
JK: So can you tell us what are some of your wardrobe staples are? What you have all the time, can’t live without?
JG: Well now that we’re in summer, my staple is my denim jacket. I probably wear my denim jacket at least twice a week. I try to avoid outfit repeats so I’ll wear the same items over and over, of course, but I like to combine them differently and find you can wear a denim jacket with anything you own. You can throw it on to finish a look and it’s just a great basic wardrobe item.
JK: What 3 items are must-haves in your purse this summer?
JG: Definitely sunglasses. It’s an accessory but puts your whole look together, especially if you are running errands and you’re feeling like going makeup free, you can just look good with a pair of cool shades. Secondly, bright lipstick! It’s always fun to just add a swipe of lipstick wherever you go, it freshens up your look and always handy to have. And lastly, my phone which is probably a given. Aside from connecting you to people, you never know when a good Instagram opportunity is going to come up!
JK: Last question, what makes you feel gorgeous?
JG: As silly as it is, if I have a great outfit and a great hair day but I don’t have my basic foundation and blush and everything, I just don’t feel ready. I feel gorgeous when I have my face on! (laughs)



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