Thanksgiving Glam

11.10.2014 + Upper Canada Mall + 1 Comment

Thanksgiving weekend has arrived! Whether you’re hosting a Friendsgiving at home or packing up to celebrate at the cottage with your family, two things are certain: a large meal is irrefutable, and a festive outfit is in order. We’re dreaming about turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie, but we’re also dreaming about the perfect Thanksgiving ensemble. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to debut your brand new fall wardrobe.
Here are a few tips for looking Thanksgiving glam:

 Looser fitting clothes are a must. Choose a skirt or pants with some stretch so you can indulge at the dinner table and also comfortably enjoy … Read More »

A Gorgeous Fall

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The newest issue of our Gorgeous magazine is here in all its glory! This issue does not disappoint …highlighting the latest trends and must-haves that you can find right here at Upper Canada Mall. If you’re looking for fashion insight, inspiration or ideas, look no further because this issue has it all.
To us, fall fashion means chunky knits, oversized scarves and a perfect pair of skinnies. Fall is also the perfect time to make way … Read More »

The Nude Bag Bible

26.09.2014 + Upper Canada Mall + 1 Comment

A nude bag is one thing we simply can’t live without this season. We love it for its elegance, sophistication and utter versatility. This classic bag will compliment every outfit flawlessly. When it comes to selecting a nude purse, choose one that fits your lifestyle. (But don’t feel limited to picking just one!)

The Tote Bag: This is your carry-all. Especially ideal for the mommy-on-the-run. This bag will take you from play date to dinner date effortlessly.
The Shoulder Bag: Planning on spending your weekend mall-hopping? Swing this bag over your shoulder for superior shopping efficiency…you’ll be able to carry even more shopping … Read More »

4 Tips for Perfecting the Nude Lip

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A nude lip is a look we are obsessed with! This look is the essence of natural glamour; understated, chic and feminine. We’ve seen celebs flawlessly achieve the nude lip and we believe you can too. While we can’t equip you with a makeup entourage…we can provide you with four simple tips to get you on your way to achieving celeb nude lip status.

Exfoliate! Use a lip scrub to soften up your lips. You want to start with a smooth base to prevent your lipstick from flaking…this step is crucial for getting perfectly kissable lips.
Prime. Once you’ve softened your lips, it’s time to … Read More »

The 3 Rules of Nude Nail Polish

11.09.2014 + Upper Canada Mall + 1 Comment

You’re going on a date tonight. Being the fashionista you are, you picked out your ensemble months ago. You’ve decided on a delicate black circle skirt that falls flawlessly just above your knee (totally first-date appropriate). You splurged on a gorgeous blush pink blouse, which you’ve tucked seamlessly into your skirt. You’ve opted for black stilettos with an ankle strap and an oversized floral statement necklace. Your outfit is stunning…to say the least. But, as you take one final look in the mirror you notice your nails. While your outfit is nothing short of perfection…your nails could really use some … Read More »


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The colour is neutral but the statement is anything but. Nude happens to be just as flattering and versatile as black, enriching the options of your wardrobe. Here’s a list of 5 neutral nude pieces you need in your closet now!

The Flats:
A nude flat is the perfect compliment to any outfit. Not to mention you’ll be comfortable all day long, without sacrificing style.
The Heels:
Nude heels take your look from fun to fabulous! Plus, they make … Read More »

Beat the Uniform Blues

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Depending on how you look at it, wearing a school uniform can be a total bummer or it can actually be better than expected. Not having to pick out your outfit in the morning is a huge time saver, but it also usually means you grow tired of wearing the same thing every day!
Combatting the uniform blues requires some creativity to take your look to the next level. All we have to say is accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! And for those of you who aren’t required to wear a uniform, we still recommend accessorizing your school ensembles!
Here’s our list of top accessories … Read More »


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WE LOVE ZARA! Here are some of our fave items from the Zara fall collection that can only be found at the Zara location at Upper Canada Mall!

Yesterday was the big day! Zara, in all its glory, opened at Upper Canada Mall. We must say, the much anticipated store does not disappoint – in fact we are totally awestruck by its beauty. The store is filled with gorgeous apparel, accessories and shoes for men, women and children. Ladies, we are totally loving all of the jewelry..we don’t think you’ll be able to leave the store without making a purchase! The details in … Read More »