Pretty Pumpkins

24.10.2014 + Upper Canada Mall + 1 Comment

It’s that time of year again, falling leaves and pretty front porches filled with pumpkins. Fashionistas, we know Halloween means sparing no expense on your look. After all, a costume is just a more adventurous take on your everyday ensemble, right?! No matter how perfect your costume is, no fashionista should leave her pumpkin looking drab. While pumpkin carving is a fun tradition, this season we’re loving the chic take on pumpkins.
The following pumpkin ideas are some of our faves:

Glittered pumpkins: What doesn’t look better with a little bit of sparkle? Not only will a glittered pumpkin look super cute on your front porch but … Read More »

Zombie Survival Guide

17.10.2014 + Upper Canada Mall + No Comments

Halloween is just around the corner, which obviously means a Zombie apocalypse could be too. A few things are absolutely essential to warding off these ravenous flesh-eaters, and luckily you can find them right here at Upper Canada Mall.

What You’ll Need:

Water – Stay ahead of the horde by keeping hydrated.
Candy – Something we could not live without! Plus, Old Time Confections has a ton of zombie themed candy…which makes it totally necessary for this occasion.
Outdoor Vest – You need something light but warm, like the award winning designed MicroTherm StormDown vest from Eddie Bauer.
Hiking Shoes – Odds are, in a zombie apocalypse … Read More »

Thanksgiving Glam

11.10.2014 + Upper Canada Mall + 1 Comment

Thanksgiving weekend has arrived! Whether you’re hosting a Friendsgiving at home or packing up to celebrate at the cottage with your family, two things are certain: a large meal is irrefutable, and a festive outfit is in order. We’re dreaming about turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie, but we’re also dreaming about the perfect Thanksgiving ensemble. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to debut your brand new fall wardrobe.
Here are a few tips for looking Thanksgiving glam:

 Looser fitting clothes are a must. Choose a skirt or pants with some stretch so you can indulge at the dinner table and also comfortably enjoy … Read More »

A Gorgeous Fall

10.10.2014 + Upper Canada Mall + 36 comments

Contest time! Leave a comment below for your chance to win an Upper Canada Mall gift card, the winner will be chosen on October 31st.

The newest issue of our Gorgeous magazine is here in all its glory! This issue does not disappoint …highlighting the latest trends and must-haves that you can find right here at Upper Canada Mall. If you’re looking for fashion insight, inspiration or ideas, look no further because this issue has it all.
To us, fall fashion means chunky knits, oversized scarves and a perfect pair of skinnies. Fall is also the perfect time to make way … Read More »

The 3 Rules of Nude Nail Polish

11.09.2014 + Upper Canada Mall + 1 Comment

You’re going on a date tonight. Being the fashionista you are, you picked out your ensemble months ago. You’ve decided on a delicate black circle skirt that falls flawlessly just above your knee (totally first-date appropriate). You splurged on a gorgeous blush pink blouse, which you’ve tucked seamlessly into your skirt. You’ve opted for black stilettos with an ankle strap and an oversized floral statement necklace. Your outfit is stunning…to say the least. But, as you take one final look in the mirror you notice your nails. While your outfit is nothing short of perfection…your nails could really use some … Read More »

Locker Beauty Essentials

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Although many of us wish it did…summer won’t last forever. And with August coming to an end…back to school is creeping up on us. In fact, our back to school contest is running right now! You and a friend could each win a $150 Upper Canada Mall gift card. Check out our instagram page for contest details @UpperCanadaMall

Heading back to school can be stressful, but nothing  compares to the utter panic you feel when you realize that gym class is scheduled right in the middle of the day! Nothing quite ruins your look like running around in gym class. But, don’t … Read More »

What’s in your lunchbox?

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It’s that time of year again, kids are starting to think about going back to school, and parents are starting to think about packing lunches.
We totally understand the dreaded lunch packing. It can be quite the challenge to balance nutrition with something that your child will actually enjoy eating! We all know that what’s in your child’s lunchbox is important, and luckily it’s a lot easier to pack a well balanced lunch than you may think. Although the lunches above are super cute, we know for most of you, your mornings don’t allow for creative lunch making. Luckily, the ingredients used are simple, so you … Read More »

A Guide to a Gourmet S’more

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Summer is finally here, and in celebration of cottage season we’re revamping the s’more to make this classic treat a little more gourmet.

The Graham Cracker: Obviously the cracker that holds your s’more together is important! But, a graham cracker isn’t the only thing that can serve this function; we love the idea of using a cookie instead! Any type of cookie will do the trick, but if sweet and salty, gooey caramel or mocha crunch sound good to you, then we recommend checking out Old Time Confections here at the mall.
The Marshmallow: This is another important part of the s’more … Read More »