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how to blow dry your hair

Have you ever walked out of the salon or blow-dry bar feeling phenomenal with your new, shiny and bouncy blow-out? Isn’t it a wonderful feeling? Then when you try to recreate the same look at home 4 days later, it just doesn’t look the same as before. So unfair! We spoke with Danielle, manager of Trade Secrets at Upper Canada Mall, and uncovered these 4 foolproof steps to the best at-home blow-dry.

how to blow dry your hair

Step 1: Use product! Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, literally. Danielle explained that you “typically want a lightweight product for finer hair, moisturizing and absorbent for medium hair a product that is creamy textured and super hydrating for coarser hair.” She recommends to prep, prime and protect your mane with Redken Pillow Proof.

how to blow dry your hair

Step 2: Sectioning out your hair with hair clips not only decreases blow-drying time but also makes sure your hair looks good as it makes blow-drying more manageable by focusing on one area at a time. Danielle suggests taking these butterfly clips and “sectioning your hair into two sections at the top of your head by taking the hair from your hairline to just behind the ear. Then make four sections in the back, splitting hair down the middle and horizontally across.”

how to blow dry your hair

Step 3: Use the right brush! Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, Danielle broke it down for us: “Use a metal brush if your hair is fine and you want to add some body because the brush heats up and almost acts like a curling iron, adding bounce and movement. A natural boar bristle brush is great to smooth and add shine while giving body and texture to medium hair. Same goes for coarse and curly hair, even better, get a brush that has boar bristles and plastic bristles combined for optimal hair smoothing tension.”

how to blow dry your hair how to blow dry your hair











Step 4: “This is the most important step for any good blow-dry,” says Danielle, “invest in a sturdy, durable and powerful blow-dryer.” She suggests looking into “the GS Litron from Trade Secrets, which is lightweight, reduces 50% of drying time and has both positive and negative ions to smooth hair and build body.” We also love the new Dyson Supersonic that is exclusively available at Hudson’s Bay now! The new Dyson Supersonic dryer measures exit airflow temperature 20 times a second to help regulate heat so you can use the styling concentrator attachment right up against your hair, without burning it. It comes with three magnetic attachments – so you can adjust quickly and easily and the nozzle dries hair gently using smooth, wide air – minimizing rogue flyaways!

avanti-trade-secrets dysonhair-no-burn dyson-super-sonic

Visit Trade Secrets and Hudson’s Bay today to find your hair care products and appliances. Tag us using @UpperCanadaMall #GorgeousUCM to show us you mane tips and tricks, we’d love to see!


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  1. Sandra V says:

    Great tips! Dyson would be my DREAM hairdryer.

  2. Maria says:

    Tried the sectioning tips and it was so on point! It made such a huge difference in my hair today

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