5 Ways to Have the Best New Year | #2017Goals

02.01.2017 + Upper Canada Mall + No Comments

New year, new you! Not. We think you’re perfect the way you are, BUT, you can be a work in progress and that’s just – well – perfect. We don’t like making new year resolutions on January 1st and give them up on the 31st. Instead, we’d rather figure out how to be better, pursue our dreams, manage a household, be the best parent/spouse/child, and, make this chapter of the new year worthwhile and memorable.

We think these 5 life hacks will bring on a more balanced, connected and prosperous new year ahead:

  1. Get organized

Decluttering can be a therapeutic process because as we know, cluttered spaces can be disorganized, overwhelming and disheartening. Think of it as a roadblock because when you’re moving from one task to another, without completing them, you’re not actually getting anything done. Chatelaine has 5 awesome tools to help you get organized and we especially love bullet journaling! Because who doesn’t need a good reason to get some pretty stationary from Coles?



  1. Eat better

With a new superfood coming out every week and delicious, healthy alternatives to our guilty pleasures, it’s not as hard to keep a well-balanced and maintained diet. Best part: You can get your family involved too! It’s never too early to teach kids how to live a healthy (but enjoyable!) life – now, we’re not saying go cold-turkey gluten-free organic, but taking small steps in the kitchen to ensure a daily intake of veggies, fruits and the like can go a long way. This menu planning system will make things a breeze in the kitchen!



  1. Get outside

Oh, the joys of traveling! Getting outside and heading somewhere –near or far – instills a sense of purpose. Make every day an adventure, or, better yet, book an adventure! Flight Centre has amazing deals year-round for any type of wanderlust. Not in the budget this year? Weekend getaways to Blue Mountain, Niagara Falls, or Georgian Bay are always a great idea; we especially love On the Fourth Floor’s Monday Round Up’s of things to do in the city!



  1. Be active

Whether you love going to the gym daily, dabble in trying the workout phenomenon-of-the-moment or prefer the good old hiking outdoors, the key to living well is being active. The easiest way to do that is to adopt a hobby that gets you moving because it can have a snowball effect – if you start volunteering at a rescue shelter and walk dogs daily, maybe you’ll take up running after because you realize how much you like it! The point is to try something and find what you like, maybe it will be the new Moksha Yoga or Orange Theory Fitness right here in Newmarket.



  1. Unplug daily

Whether you’re indulging in a good book, meditating, or just looking out the window, try to take an hour away from your electronic devices and be present. Going tech-free for an hour can be a challenge – but we’ll miss something on Insta! – no, you won’t. It will be refreshing to reconnect with yourself, contemplate your next moves, take time to reflect where you are and where you are going (or how far you’ve come). Whatever it is that will make you present, focus on it with intent.




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